Databricks is the lakehouse company. Founded by the creators of Apache Spark™, Delta Lake and MLflow, organizations like Comcast, Condé Nast, Nationwide and H&M rely on Databricks’ open and unified platform to enable data engineers, scientists and analysts to collaborate and innovate faster.



Databricks has always been a different kind of company. From the beginning, they’ve been devoted to simplifying — and democratizing — data and AI for any organization. Their motivation is simple: They believe that data has become fundamental to driving innovation, unlocking human potential and solving the complex challenges we face today. This aligns perfectly well with ADEAL Systems' devotion to democratizing data & AI with the motto "Advanced analytics at your fingertips".

Unifying data engineering,
data science and business analytics

The Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform unifies teams across the data and ML lifecycle, from data preparation and experimentation to the deployment of ML applications and reporting.


Data Engineering
Build scalable data pipelines and reliable data lakes, to deliver high- quality data for downstream analytics.


Data Science
Collaboratively explore large datasets, build state-of-the-art models and operationalize machine learning faster.


Business Analytics
Run SQL reporting off your data lake, for the most complete and recent insights into your business.

Raw Data Lake

What we offer

ADEAL Systems offer consulting services to implement the Databricks platform into your environment. We are experts in Apache Spark™, cloud and data integration & quality technologies and our certified consultants help in assessing your needs and integrating the added value that Databricks means to your data needs.


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