Avoid downtime and promptly address warning signals

An AI-driven early warning system for predictive maintenance with precise forecasts and modular, customizable dashboards

Business benefits

Our AI assistant is more than just a monitoring tool. It is an indispensable partner that continuously analyzes data, to understand the condition of systems.
Process optimization
Operational optimization through precise planning of maintenance processes and maximization of system availability.
Resource efficiency
Maintenance work is planned in a more targeted manner. Working time, Energy and material are not wasted and operating costs are reduced.
Quality assurance
Avoid loss of sales by identifying and rectifying potential production faults at an early stage. Proactive maintenance and optimized uptime.

Showcase: Machine factory

By integrating an AI-powered maintenance assistant seamlessly, GPT* models align cloud-based dashboards introduced for real-time monitoring with customized operating instructions for the company's machinery. This is the future of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
Machine construction
and development
  • Based in the EU
  • >200 Employees
  • >50 Mln.€ revenue
  • 100 years old
Initial situation
  • Lack of early detection of disorders
  • Lack of maintenance strategy
  • Lack of data-based decision-making
  • Increased risk of production downtime
  • High maintenance costs
  • Intensive maintenance plan
  • Outdated warning and alarm system
  • No transparency of the system status
  • No feedback on maintenance effects
  • Created data pipelenes, introduced data quality and cleaning
  • Created cloud dashboards for monitoring and guidelines
  • Fine-tuned GPT models with operating instructions
  • Overview of failures and their implications (operating and downtime costs)
  • Guidelines for management and operations managers
  • Maintenance assistant for quick repair

How it works?

We use advanced algorithms, machine learning and ChatGPT & Co to assess the health of assets.
Data provision
The AI assistant continuously collects data from systems, such as temperature, pressure, vibration, and other relevant parameters.
The collected data is analyzed in real time to detect deviations from normal operating conditions.
Warnings and forecasts
When potential problems are detected, immediate warnings and accurate predictions are provided so that timely action can be taken.

Value added Network Mechanical Engineering

We are very pleased to be a part of this innovative network, which is dedicated to the new use of data in the mechanical engineering industry.

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